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It is a phenomenon that the noblest white wine variety, Riesling, flourishes exactly along the geographical line which marks the most northerly point where viticulture is possible. The special climate, described as a continental cool climate in viticulture, occurs only at the 50° latitude and provides ideal conditions for the Riesling grape, a late-ripening grape variety.

  • the Rheingau provides the perfect climate for Riesling
  • the vineyard is located right on the 50th parallel north
  • from Germany

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The oldest cultured grape variety in Germany and the most precious white wine variety in the world: the queen of white wine is native to the Rheingau region. It “resides” and flourishes here on 80 % of the viniculture area. Riesling has small berried grapes with relatively robust skin. In the Rheingau region, it ripens until October and is harvested late. Therefore, the aromas have a long time to develop while the grapes extract high levels of minerals from the soil in Johannisberg. The Rheingau Riesling is popular due to its incomparable diversity of aromas. If one is able to resist drinking it too early, it is storable for more than 100 years.

Trocken (Dry Style)

The style of wine, which is marked by its low residual sweetness, is called trocken – that means dry. It has a fresh taste with delicious fruity notes of citrus fruits and apples: superb with fresh fish and seafood, according to the herbs and spices used. Of course, it is also suitable with a Rheingau Riesling frothed soup (recipe available upon request). With a somewhat older vintage, it also goes well with Asian cuisine.

The Rheingau region

Although the Rheingau region only has 3,000 hectares of vineyard acreage, it is one of the most important wine-growing regions in Germany, and also the world. The 50° latitude on which it lies also marks the most northerly point in which viticulture is possible. This is the home of Riesling, which was first documented in records of the region in 1435. Nearly 80 % of the Rheingau cultivates Riesling because the most ideal soil composition and climate conditions for this grape variety are found here.

The Rhine River contributes to the perfect climate

The climate in the Rheingau region is influenced by the Gulf Stream but also benefits from the Rhine River, which changes its direction from east to west at this point on its way from Lake Constance to the North Sea in order to swerve around the quartzite stones of the Taunus and Rhine hills. Thereby, the Rheingau vineyards have an ideal southerly orientation and an optimal degree of steepness in order to soak up as much sun as possilble. As the river flows through the Rheingau valley, the water heats up creating excellent thermal conditions, which along with the heat stored in the Taunus quartzite, cause the base temperature to rise, providing premium growing and ripening conditions for Riesling.

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Wine Style White Wine
Origin Rheingau – Germany
Grapes Riesling
Vintage 2018
Alcohol 11.5%
Bottle Size 0.75l


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