Budvar Budejovicky Lager 330ml

Budejovicky Budvar, is a classical European style lager that knows to impress with a refreshing hoppy taste.

  • rich hoppy flavour
  • very mild bitterness
  • from Czech Republic

Single bottle

$4.20 incl. GST


The original “budweiser”, is a Czech Lager with historical pedigree. Golden colour, thick white head, a distinct pure malt aroma with a rich hop accent, unique and very mild bitterness of medium intensity to create a medium to full flavour.


Style: Lager
Alc: 5%
Volume: 330ml
Container: Bottle

Additional information

Weight 0.33 kg


Beer Style Lager
Origin Czech Republic
Nice to know One of my personal favourite knock-off  beers
Alcohol 5%
Bottle Size 0.33l


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