Budejovicky Budvar Nealko Non-Alcoholic 330ml

Budejovicky Budvar Free has everything you expect of a well balanced Czech lager – just without the alcohol!

  • slightly sweet and malty
  • the original Budweiser
  • from Czech Repiblic

Single bottle

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No alcohol should never mean no flavour. Quite the opposite. Just as with Budějovický Budvar Original, we brew Free using celebrated Moravian barley for a bold, sweet, toasted malt profile, and the same Saaz hops for a lightly spiced, fresh, citrusy aroma with just a hint of bitterness. Rich, full-flavoured and always satisfying, Budějovický Budvar Free sees nothing taken away except the alcohol.


Style: Non-Alcoholic
Alc: <0.5%
Volume: 330ml
Container: Bottle


Beer Style Lager
Origin Czech Republic
Nice to know Budvar (CZ) and Budweiser (USA) are in a furious trademark dispute since 1907. But when it comes to taste their certainly is no dispute who is taking the crown!
Alcohol <0.5%
Bottle Size 0.33l


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