French Wine Tasting Pack – 6 Bottles

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Create your own 6-course French dining experience.

  • best selection of french wine in one tasting pack
  • includes sparkling, red, white and rosé wines
  • from France France Liqueur Mesipa online
Style Tasting pack
Origin France
Alcohol 11.5-14%
Bottle Size 0.75l


What’s included in the Pack?

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Create your own French 6-course dining experience:

Starter: Louis Perdrier – Asparagus and Avocado Salad
1st course: Bistro Sauvignon Blanc – Tuna Tartar
2nd course: B&G Shiraz Rosé – slow roasted salmon with French herb salsa
3rd course: Bistro Pinot Noir – Beef Bourguignon
4th course: Chateau de Villeneuve Minnervois – Cassoulet
Dessert: Cellier Rm Monbazilac – Clafoutis

Selection of 6 famous french wines:

1x Cellier Rm Monbazilac 750ml
1x Louis Perdrier 750ml
1x Bistro Pinot Noir 750ml
1x Bistro Sauvignon Blanc 750ml
1x B&G Shiraz Rosé 750ml
1x Chateau de Villeneuve Minnervois 750ml

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