Los Amigos Pedro Ximenez Sherry

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Fine, delicate and fresh, the Los Amigos Pedro Ximénez has great affinity with the terroir of Montilla-Moriles. Its grapes thrive in the heat and are rich in sugars, essential to produce dry fine wines that achieve 17% vol. without fortification and sweet wines of harmonious depth.

  • aromatic & balanced
  • full fruity taste
  • from Spain
Wine Style Red Wine
Origin Spain – Montilla-Moriles
Grapes Pedro Ximenez (Spanish Sherry)
Alcohol 17%
Bottle Size 0.75l


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Style: Sherry

From vineyards in the highest quality areas of the DO Montilla-Moriles, we obtain the grapes to produce a wide collection of wines. They are the current expression of a land of ancient tradition, which came centuries ago before our era.

Young whites, traditional Andalusian wines such as generous wines of biological aging under the veil of flowers and oxidative aging: natural sweet wines; the vermouth, the great reserve vinegars, the brandies, the red wines of the Land of Cordoba and, in addition, a wide range of derived beverages. An exciting catalog born from the intense sun, the white earth and the knowledge of time.

Generous and sweet wines, also brandies and vinegars, are made following the traditional system of hatcheries and soleras. Complex and demanding, it constitutes the cusp of the enology of the South.

Wine boots are organized in rows, stacked on different floors. The lower one, at ground level, is the solera and contains the oldest wines. In Pérez Barquero, the oldest solera dates from 1905. The immediately higher level is the first farm, and so on.

Small wine items are promptly extracted from the hearth for commercialization. To replace that volume, the boots are filled, “sprayed”, with an equivalent part contained in the first hatchery. The process is repeated with the top hatcheries. The objective is to maintain the consistency and unalterable quality of our wines.

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