Regno Recas Feteasca Neagra 2019

The portrait on the label is inspired by the technique of Renaissance painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

  • native grape variety
  • from Romania

Single bottle

$18.90 incl. GST


Today, Recaș Winery represents a modern, dynamic company in full evolution which is guided by a self-imposed concept: ”a day of running around in circles believing that you are at the top of your development, is the first day of your decline”.

Each day is a competition and, like any other competition, only the winners matter; and for us winning means convincing you that our products mean quality and innovation, which is translated by many hours of work, by passion, by tenacity, by our believe that wine must bring satisfaction and achievements, feelings and emotions.

Everything what Recaș Winery means today is owed to the passion and respect for wine – this unique and wonderful friend which accompanies us during our lifetime, always ready to lead us into the world of joy where we can find you, the people who love it

Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg


Wine Style Red Wine
Origin Recas – Romania
Grape Feteasca Neagra
Vintage 2019
Alcohol >14%
Bottle Size 0.75l


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