Weis Apple & Pear "Obstler" Fruit Brandy 38%

WEIS Obstler is a quality apple & pear brandy, made in a traditional style. This is real, German Schnapps!

  • premium fruit brandy
  • made from fruits from the Black Forest Region
  • from Germany

Single bottle

$53.90 incl. GST


Quality product distilled from a fruit based wine. Full flavoured apple & pear Schnapps, made in a traditional style. Dry with a strong flavour. This is real, German Schnapps from the Black Forest region!

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg


Spirit Style Brandy
Origin Germany
Nice to know In Germany Obstler is maybe the most popular Schnapps to have after a hearty meal
Alcohol >38%
Bottle Size 0.7l


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